Tubby Bath Chip Repair Kit

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uSuitable for enamel Baths

This product is suitable for all types of enamel surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

  • 01233 733 799
  • info@tubbyuk.com

uSuitable for acrylic Baths

This product is suitable for all types of acrylic surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

  • 01233 733 799
  • info@tubbyuk.com

uSuitable for ceramic Baths

This product is suitable for all types of ceramic surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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  • info@tubbyuk.com

pCoverage Area

The Regular Size Tubby Chip Repair kit will provide enough material to repair approximately 4 X 50mm diameter chips.

The Large Size Tubby Chip Repair kit will provide enough material to repair approximately 8 X 50mm diameter chips.

  • 01233 733 799
  • info@tubbyuk.com


Our new and improved bath chip repair kit is easy to use and will repair chips and cracks in any bath, sink or shower tray.

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If your unsure what colour you need get in touch and we'll send you free samples so can be sure you get the right colour!


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Bali Brown

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  • Product Description

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    What is a Bath Chip Repair Kit?

    Tubby, the UK’s most trusted DIY repair kit maker, presents an answer to one of the most common issues in bathrooms. The exclusive Bath Chip Repair Kit comes complete with all the items and tools you need to conceal chipping that makes your bathware look older than it is. There’s no need to spend money on replacement bathware.;The Tubby Bath Chip Repair Kit is a DIY solution that helps you extend the usable life of your sink, bathtub, shower tray and other bathware surfaces at a fraction of the cost. The Tubby DIY bath chip repair kit comes in an array of colours and is perfect for both enamel and acrylic surfaces.

    Why choose the Tubby Bath Chip Repair Kit?

    When it comes to DIY bath repair and resurfacing, Tubby stands out as the most reliable name across the UK. Our Bath Chip Repair Kit is a prime example of how we understand the needs of our customers. Chipping not only ruins the overall aesthetics of the bathware, it also affects the durability by leaving it prone to rust and corrosion. With Tubby, you can delay the expense of replacing your sink, shower tray or bath for many more years.

    The Tubby Bath Chip Repair Kit works for almost every kind of bath surface including enamel and acrylic. One kit is enough to completely fill in the cracks and chips on one standard bath. It comes in more than 40 different colour options to match even the trickiest of bathroom colour schemes.

    You can use the Tubby bath chip repair kit for various items including chipping tiles and appliances with acrylic or enamel body such as AGA’s.


    The Tubby kit is a solution based on our knowledge of common chipping problems and how it can be perfectly resolved with minimum cost and efforts. Our DIY bath chip repair kit eliminates any need for retiling or re-plumbing. It is a mess-free process with the no amount of expertise or experience required.

    Just follow the easy directions that come with the kit and you will be done within three hours.

    You can call us for professional assistance on the phone.

  • 15 reviews for Tubby Bath Chip Repair Kit

    1. Mike V

      A little bit fiddly to use because our chips were along the edge of the bath ridge. Having said that the kit was easy to use and will definitely keep handy to repair any further mishaps!

    2. Grant Helm

      “From a returning customer…Grant and his team provide nothing short than 1st class customer service, something which nowadays seems to have disappeared in many cases, I found them to be very helpful and efficient, very pleased to have discovered their services at Tubby, with many thanks. Paul Cook “

    3. Dave Smith

      To Grant Helm Tubby UK

      Having once mastered the colour toning ( bit of practice )

      I found the bath repair kit does exactly what it says on the package

      Excellent thanks

      Dave S

    4. June Errington

      Dear Grant,

      I would like to compliment you on your excellent service. Your advice over the telephone was very useful and my husband and I appreciated the fact that you took the time and trouble to send us some colour swatches to enable us to be sure about our colour choice before purchasing the product.

      On receiving our order your prompt delivery service was second to none (the bath repair kit came the very next day).

      Thank you so much the chip in the bath has been repaired and the colour match is perfect, a job well done.

      All in all a highly satisfied customer.

      Kind regards

      June Errington

    5. Gerry Woods

      Good kit with all the necessary parts and very useful video clip on the website. The downside? An absolute nightmare getting a colour match!

    6. Mr. Graham L

      We found the kit very easy to use, all the equipment required is included in the kit and we were left with a lovely finish.

      We would recommend this product.

    7. Tony P

      Great product very pleased with the results. Very clear and accurate instructions. Very fast and efficient ordering and delivery service.



      Hi Robert,

      A couple of years ago we resurfaced a cast iron bath using your products and were very pleased with the result. Instructions easy to follow, product easy to apply, bathroom transformed. It did what it said on the tin!

      Recently, we had a mishap when a hammer was dropped in the bath – it must have punctured the film and allowed water to seep under because a few days later a substantial flake of coating came away (about the size of a handprint). We have just used a repair kit to fix it, smoothing in the edges of the damage first. Very pleased – unless you know exactly where to look and the light is just right, you’d never find the repair.

      Good job well done.


    9. Len S

      Dear Grant,

      Thanks for e-mail. Product arrived very promptly and, as far as I can tell, has been successful. The instructions were clear and the product was easy to use. One suggestion – perhaps a few more 3M wipes could be included in the kit? Other than that very pleased.

    10. Jonny B


      Thank you for all your advice and putting in extra material to make sure that I could do the fix properly, the whole package was fantastic and has resulted in a great finish.

      Thank You.

    11. Andy H

      Thank you for sending my bath repair order.

      Done easy but found the sanding sheet a little coarse so used 0 grit sand-paper to smooth filler as it does not scratch surrounding enamel so easily hope this is of use to new customers.

      Many Thanks

    12. Neil C

      Carried out successful repair on Kitchen sink that was chipped. Followed easy to understand instructions to the letter. Repair area was about 20mm and about 2mm deep at worst. Used filler and top coat and instructed. All tools provided except a artist paintbrush but this wasn’t hard to get from the kids play set.

      Thoroughly recommend this product for your repairs.


    13. Sylvia B

      The kit was for my sister who is good at do it yourself. She managed to repair the bath and it looks A1. Thank you. When she was making the repair the one thing she said was that she wished there was more opportunities to test it before committing to the end stage. I think it was a hardener which when opened had to be used and there wasn’t a second chance.

      Thanks a lot for a good product.


    14. GAVIN D’C

      Dear Grant,

      I’m very happy to say the following in terms of my being very happy with the service you have provided. The advice over the phone about matters was absolutely excellent, very detailed and entirely appropriate. The friendliness and efficiency of the whole operation was very impressive. And finally and certainly not least, the products related to Bath restoration that I used were first rate.

      All the best

    15. Sandra B


      Just after using Tubby on our bath and all I can say is WOW! It’s like a new bath. Had to rub it all down which wasn’t too big a job and then apply Tubby. Well worth the money and very easy to use.

      First class service from ordering to finishing the job.

      Thanks for saving us a fortune.

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  • Why Choose Tubby?

    • No Building in or Breaking Out

      With Tubby's DIY Kits there's no need to get the heavy tools out. Your bath, sink, shower, tray, or toilet can be easily resurfaced in situ with no fuss or mess.

    • No Re-Tiling or Plumbing.

      With the bath being resurfaced in-situ it means that you don't need to worry about retiling your bathroom or get involved in any fiddling plumbing.

    • No Mess.

      Tubby kits are provided with all you need to ensure that you can resurface your suite with out making a mess of your bathroom.

    • A World of Colour

      Tubby kits are very flexible when it comes to colours. We have a wide range of premixed colours and we can mix whatever colour you require.

    • Baths, Basins, Toilets and More.

      Tubby Kits can be used to resurface all of your bathroom suite, so you can make your bathroom as good as new. Check the coverage area of the kits to see what you'll need.

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