Tubby ExtraEnamel Bath Resurfacing & Repair Kit

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uSuitable for enamel Baths

This product is suitable for all types of enamel surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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  • info@tubbyuk.com

dNot Suitable for acrylic Baths

This product is NOT suitable for acrylic surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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  • info@tubbyuk.com

uSuitable for ceramic Baths

This product is suitable for all types of ceramic surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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  • info@tubbyuk.com

pCoverage Area

A Regular Kit contains enough material to resurface the inside and arms of a bath which has dimensions of 1700mm x 700mm x 400mm (l x w x h).
The majority of baths will fall below this threshold, however for baths that are larger, or if you want to resurface the bath panel too, please purchase the Large Kit for up to 4.5sqm of coverage.
If you are unsure about how much area you have to cover or have any queries please get in touch.

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  • info@tubbyuk.com


The Tubby Extra Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice PLUS additional items to make the process even quicker and easier! This is our top selling DIY enamel bath resurfacing kit. Save hundreds of pounds – resurface your bathware, don't replace it. It's easy to resurface your bath and much less hassle! No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, mess, no fuss – just a shiny new bath!

Choose your colour

Selected Colour

Tubby Colour Guide

If your unsure what colour you need get in touch and we'll send you free samples so can be sure you get the right colour!


01 Blue

010 Pink

03 Green

08 Pink





Azure Blue

Bahama Beige

Bali Brown

Burmuda Blue




English Avocado




Indian Ivory



Kashmir Beige

Linden Green

Off White





Sorrento Blue


Whisper Blue

Whisper Green

Whisper Grey

Whisper Pink

  • Product Description

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    The Tubby Extra Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice PLUS additional items to make the process even quicker and easier! This is our top selling DIY enamel bath resurfacing kit. Save hundreds of pounds – resurface your bathware, don’t replace it. It’s easy to resurface your bath and much less hassle! No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, mess, no fuss – just a shiny new bath!

    The Best Material on the Market…Do Your Whole Suite!

    Tubby is a durable two-part epoxy-based coating specially formulated for use on porcelain, acrylic, cast-iron, fibreglass, pressed steel, cultured marble and ceramics so you can use it on baths, sinks, toilet exteriors, bidets and even tiles. Because of its special properties Tubby is undoubtedly one of the best bathware resurfacing and tile painting materials on the market. With Tubby DIY you can transform your entire bathroom suite for relatively little expense!

    Our proven formula works on worn, discoloured or badly stained surfaces – saving you hundreds of pounds on the cost of replacement. If you really want to get creative you can use the kit to give washing machines, fridges, dryers or freezers a hygienic, ‘as new’ finish!

    1 Kit = 1 Bath

    The kit contains enough material to effectively cover a standard-sized bath with two coats, so one kit per bath is all you need. Contact us if you have a non-standard size bath and you would like some advice before you buy.

    Everything You Need plus EXTRA

    The Tubby Extra Kit is exclusive to Tubby UK and includes everything that comes with the Standard Bath Resurfacing Kit as well as our most popular selection of useful Tubby products:

    • Coating
    • Hardener
    • Roller Handle
    • Roller Heads
    • 13mm Paintbrush
    • 10mm Masking Tape
    • Plastic Bags
    • Paint Tray
    • #120 Abrasive Paper
    • Paint Stirrer
    • Special Cleaning Powder
    • Cleaning Pad
    • Gloves
    • Dust Mask
    • Instruction Leaflet

    Extra Products (included with this kit):

    • Tubby Preparation Pad – The pad attaches to your conventional drill and is designed to flat and key the surface of your bath before resurfacing. Just run it up and down the entire surface of your bath. Great for saving bags of time and effort!
    • Rapid-Cure Bath Filler – Used to fill chips, pitting and corrosion before carrying out resurfacing work. It is not always necessary but in many cases it will greatly improve the finish of a resurfaced bath because it helps to produce a very smooth working surface.
    • Tubby Adhesion Promoter & Degreaser – Applied with an absorbent cloth this product will remove any traces of grease on the surface and leave an adhesive bonding film prior to resurfacing.
    • Tubby Tac Cloth – For the final wipe-down of the surface to remove all traces of fine dust.
    • Spare Repair Material Bottles – For setting aside a small quantity of your enamel bath paint just in case you chip your bath in future.

    See it in action

    From this…

    …To this

  • 38 reviews for Tubby Extra

    1. Lee Ormsby

      I have an old cast iron bath tub and the enamel was wearing off, so I found this web site for a kit to repaint my bath, everything you need is in this kit with simple and easy to use instructions, its that easy. My bath looks brand new. A great kit for less than £100.00. Better than paying out for a new bath tub. I am very pleased with the finished product. Well done Tubbyuk.

    2. Cat O

      Having recently bought a new house with a roll top cast iron bath that needed a bit of TLC, I bought this product. The previous owners of the house had painted three layers of gloss paint on the enamel bath so myself and a friend spent about 5 hours removing it and resurfacing the bath. I have to say that without the drill attachment scrubbing pad, we’d probably still be there. After using a paint stripper to remove most of the gloss, that slowly cut through the rest and we were left with a perfectly clean surface to add the enamel too. It’s not totally perfect, I think the polishing kit could be useful to smooth out the coat a little more but we weren’t left with the orange peel effect some people talk about and the bath is considerably better than when we started. It’s all one colour, one coat and has restored the bath to it’s former glory! Thanks Tubby, sure I saved an arm and a leg by getting this kit instead of a professional.

    3. Euan Miller

      Excellent product. It repays the effort you put in – I removed the taps, stripped off the old silicone sealer and removed the plughole to avoid seams.

      Hardest part was stripping the old coating off which required industrial paint stripper and lots of elbow grease.

      A few small inclusions and a couple of minor runs but the bath is 100% better than it was. It is difficult to spot the runs when you’re applying the second coat with the curves and brilliant white finish of the first coat.

      Next time I’ll be better prepared.

    4. Andrew Wagstaff

      After reading all the good reviews on theTubby product i thought I’d give it a go and i wasn’t disappointed.

      Instructions were easy to follow preparation the key to getting a good result it took me about 5 hours to complete as i needed to fill some chips in on the bottom of the bath.

      Go nice and steady with first coat of paint and don’t put it on to thick other wise it will run second coat goes on easier as it bonds to the first coat so you can put it on more liberally end result is great.

    5. Christina O’Connell

      The bath looks much better than it was. An amazing transformation and it was surprisingly easy to apply.
      Glad I decided to use it rather than replace the bath.

      Thanks so much.

    6. Alicia

      The transformation of the bath is amazing. It truly works but be prepared for hard work in preparing the surface and set aside a full day to do it.

    7. Terry O’Sullivan

      I’m well pleased with the finish on my bath

    8. Richard Walton

      I was very pleased with the results of your product. It was very easy to use and the instructions comprehensive and easy to follow. Also I am very pleased with the colour match with my bath, you have to look very carefully to see the repair.
      I would highly recommend this product.

    9. Grant Helm

      Dear Sirs,

      It is now three years since I re-coated my 140 year old cast iron bath.
      Not only was much of the vitreous enamel gone but time had eaten into the cast iron as well. It remains today as the day I finished it, beautifully white. Neither the resin or the pigment have discoloured, nor has it lost it high gloss.[never touch it with anything abrasive.] It is much admired, and done properly it is nothing like a D.I.Y.
      finish. My friend B remains to this day convinced that I had it done professionally.
      David Hogg.

    10. Paul

      I’m a bad DIYer but having a kit available meant that I didn’t have to worry about buying the right equipment. The instructions are very comprehensive and understandable. I was able to follow the instructions through all the stages and the end result was really good. It looks like a new bath and the addition of filler meant that the chips that I had intended to just paint over could be filled in.

      I would recommend the kit to anyone who needs to do a bath up. It’s good value for money.

      The only additional comments I’d add is that the gloves provided are like the sort you get from a petrol station. I had my own latex ones which mean I could get a better grip on all the tools. There is a face mask provided which is definitely required but I used my own as it was less flimsy and more comfortable.

    11. mary k

      The kit did everything I wanted. Preparation is everything. I covered the shower head which sits over the middle of the bath with cling film but it fell off and got stuck in the drying enamel ..not too bad as I was able to remove it and I hope the slight marks will polish out but be warned to attach film or plastic bag well! I am overall very pleased with the bath but having handled Tubby I reckon I could do an even better job next time. There is an art to it ..be bold, not too generous with the paint but certainly cover roller well then paint on very quickly, you can feel the consistency of the paint changing as you roll ..it goes from a liquid to very tacky quickly so work fast and don’t be tempted to go back. I think a slightly thicker first coat would have improved overall result. Check the side of the bath that you can’t see too well for drips (I have a small one on this side that I couldn’t see and didn’t think to look!) also, ours is an old bath and with hindsight should have chosen off white for the colour.Tubby white is very white and shiny but the overall effect is clean and fresh.. I am very pleased having saved a good quality bath from the skip and given it a new lease of life. .it’s got to be good for the Planet (and my purse). I hope my experience adds to the pool of information given by others in the hopes that the next DIY enthusiast gets a perfect result.

    12. Grant Helm

      I bought Tubby Extra to repair my bathtub which was badly corroded with quite a bit of missing enamel. This product worked brilliantly and saved me having to buy a new bathtub. My bathtub is now shiny white, easy to clean and the Tubby bathtub kit was very straightforward to use. If I can do this, anyone can! So pleased. Thanks for making such a great product!

    13. Jonathan Mullen

      Brilliant product. Everything needed was in the box, and I ended up with a pristine finish. Will definitely be using your product again as I refurbish old houses. Thanks again.

    14. Hilary Tilby

      We have a cast iron bath with claw feet, part freestanding, which we wish to retain. It was probably installed when the house was built, nearly a hundred years ago. The bath was resurfaced professionally about 8/9 years ago, but has since suffered some chips/cracks/staining. We looked at another professional resurfacing and were quoted £400+. We found the Tubby product on the Internet and further investigation showed very positive reviews. We decided to go ahead.

      Our problem was that the original resurfacing had to be entirely removed before we could use the Tubby product. Tubby advised us as to the correct paint stripper to use and how to approach the job. This was the most labour-intensive part of the process, as it took at least a day of stripping, scraping and sanding to remove the surface, after which the application of the paint was quite straightforward. We are delighted with the finish and we have no hesitation in recommending Tubby. Only bear in mind that if your bath has already been resurfaced, there will be the extra work involved in removing that surface, before you start.

    15. Nick Castle

      Just to say, excellent service and a comprehensive kit with easy to follow instructions. Colour match is good and finished effect pleasing.
      Allowed us to fit a new shower tray and screen without the cost of changing basin, pedestal and WC
      Nick Castle

    16. Jennifer Drake

      Re-enamelling my lovely, but old bath, was a big project for me. I followed the instructions step by step and found the instructions clear and easy to follow. I think the trick is not to rush it. I am absolutely delighted with the results, the bath looks clean, bright and as new (a little bit of orange peel effect but it doesn’t bother me at all). Importantly I had a couple of questions for the Tubby team and found them helpful with good advice for aftercare, and they responded to my emails quickly. I would use Tubby again if I ever needed to! Great product.

    17. David Hugill

      I found the product very good. The instructions were followed and the whole process was pretty simple and effective. I’m very pleased with the result and the service was first class.

    18. Angela Brand

      We completed the re enamelling of our daughter’s bath. It was extremely easy to do, the hardest part was sanding the bath and that was only because we did it manually and it was tiring.

      The product was easy to use and gave a beautiful finish.

      I would recommend your product wholeheartedly.

    19. Jane Hooper

      Your product ( and customer support) are both fabulous. I have now become a Tubby bore – pictures on phone – before –after – dragging friends to the bathroom before they are allowed a glass of wine. It was so well packaged, the only product I have ever used DIY–wise that contained EVERYTHING one needed, together with instructions. I did it without any problems and the result is terrific. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone, in fact that’s what Ive been doing ever since

    20. James Norman

      I was very pleased with the whole product you sold me. It came with everything I needed for the job and with clear instructions on how to use it efficiently. I would advise anyone using the product to see the you tube video for guidance.
      I did struggle to avoid the ‘orange peel’ effect but was not unduly worried as it looks fine. It has been a year since applying it to my old enamel bath and it still looks great and is easy to clean. Very happy with the finish and the durability.

    21. Jane Macdonald

      Great product! Bath looks like new. Takes some time to complete but worth the wait. Thanks!

    22. Paul & Erika Whitaker

      A very professional product with everything we needed to re-cover our bath contained in the box.

      The staff were amenable to being contacted over the telephone and were extremely helpful, talking us through the various stages of the process and offering good advice.

      It has given a very rusty bath a new lease of life and we can thoroughly recommend this Tubby Extra product

    23. Dom

      Instruction very clear and easy to follow. everything needed was in the box.
      Found application of second coat challenging – liberal coverage was difficult to apply evenly and was prone to runs and drips and has left significant ‘orange peeling’ in places. overall effect is good though. would recommend slightly thicker first coat than is suggested to make uniform coverage of second (trickier) coat slightly less crucial.

    24. Sam Portlock

      Dear Grant

      I have finally got around to using your product and am very happy with the result. My bath had lost all the enamel from the bottom half of it and now it is shiny and perfect in Whisper Grey. I am with one of your other reviewers who noticed that the surface is slightly mottled rather than completely smooth, however, I am perfectly happy with the outcome and actually like the effect.

      I followed the paper instructions you sent as well as watching your videos on youtube and between the two I worked through all the preparation and application. I did find combining the two worked the best.

      On seeing what I have achieved my friend had to admit I had been right in taking the time to re-enamel instead of replacing the bath as he had suggested. Nice when girl power wins the day.

      Thank you again for your service and help.

      One further question if I wanted to order a kit to do my sink and outside of the toilet, which one would I buy?


      Sam Portlock

    25. Sasan Farahpour

      Had never done this before. I followed the instruction carefully and the result was excellent. I hope the enamel lasts a Long time.

    26. Andy

      Kit contained everything needed and it has worked very well – recommended (worth also watching the YouTube video.)

    27. Maria

      -Very happy with product
      – The outcome was exactly what we hoped it would be
      -Great value for money (considering how much it would have cost us to remove and replace old bath)
      -Impressed with all safety equipment included
      -We did not need the bath sanded right back for our job, just surface buffed so paint could adhere. This caused a bit of confusion for my husband as he thought by looking at instructions that this was essential and panicked at the thought of how long that would take. Our job was more a paint job rather than resurfacing
      – We needed the bath painted in a hurry so was delighted with the speedy delivery
      – We selected next day delivery and it arrived on time with informative text msg on delivery satus
      – Website was very user friendly
      – Would recommend to others
      – Would definitely use again

    28. Stephy Firmin

      I’m so pleased with the results! A bright, new looking, clean bath! I found the instructions easy to follow…I did also watch the you tube video instructions too for back up and reassurance! The prep was a bit arduous but isn’t it always? I have a slight orange peel appearance on it but I think that was my fault. I think I should have used slightly less product on the first coat and worked more quickly on the second not going over bits more than necessary! Overall though, I would definitely recommend this product.

    29. Babara P

      Just finished the bath this is the second time we have enamelled this bath the last was 12 years since. It was hard getting the old stuff off I dont think Nitromore is as as good as it was but the rest of the job was easy. It now looks bright white and new.


    30. Gavin D

      I found the whole package easy to follow and to use. I was very pleased with the finish.

      Although it did take me nearly 5 hours (the bath needed a lot of preparation) The end result was well worth it.


    31. Elaine R

      My Husband used this product to re-enamel a bath for a customer.

      They were very pleased with the result and so was my Husband.

      He has asked me to say that the preparation is important and does take time but worth it, the only problem he had was that he was painting a white bath with white paint and really had to concentrate on were he had painted so not to over paint. He said everything was there you needed in the box, he would recommend this product. I did e-mail to ask a question and was e-mailed back very quickly with the answer.

      Nice to know that Tubby don’t just sell the product and leave you to it. Their friendly staff help you whether you e-mail or phone them.

    32. Charles B

      A few weeks ago I decided to replace my old green bathroom suite with a modern white one. I started with the wash basin, then the toilet, but didn’t fancy replacing the bath so I searched online to see if it could be resurfaced, and found Tubby. I was a little apprehensive, but after reading the reviews on your product and watching the videos I decided I would try it, and am very glad I did.

      The kit arrived the next day and after reading the clear instructions, I went ahead. The transformation was amazing. My daughters and son have just been round. None of them knew I had resurfaced it and they ALL thought it was a new bath!

      So Thank You for an excellent service and product, and for saving me a couple of hundred quid.

    33. Stuart M

      I was a little unsure how effective Tubby would be on an old bath, the instructions that came with the pack were really clear and easy to follow. The kit itself worked perfectly and the finished job looked first class – delighted with the results.

      I’d recommend Tubby to anyone.

    34. Susan N

      Its been a while since I used the Tubby bath paint but I am so pleased with the result.

      I was very nervous about using it incase I made a mistake but by strictly following the instructions and taking my time it all went well.

      The result was better than I expected.

      I had a dull pink bath with worn enamel and now have a lovely shiny white bath, it looks brand new. The only mistake I made was putting the first coat on too liberally and nearly ran out on the second coat as my bath is quite large. I did the prep. the day before so had plenty of time to do the final job properly, Im more than happy.


    35. Annie K


      We have just used your product again on a second bath. And again we are not disappointed. What a result. Clean and white. What a difference. We will definitely be buying this product again when the next renovation comes up. Why throw out a perfectly good old bath, with the expense of buying a new suite when all you have to do is buy your product for such a reasonable price and bring an old friend up to date.

    36. Mike O

      Just used your paint delivery as stated next day the product is first class and the finish amazing so easy to use hardest part is the prep bath looks like new would recommend your product again and again.

    37. Marissa D


      I would just like to say that I have just finished using the tubby bathkit and it has turned out better than I could have expected. I will admit that I had some reservations about using this product and I had been warned by family members that I may want to get a professional in, however I ignored all of this and went ahead anyway.

      I followed every instruction and also watched the you tube video many times (please be aware that the video does miss out some steps so its wise to follow both the written instructions and the video as the video can show you how to do some of the trickier parts).

      My only other tip would be don’t use the gloves that come with the pack, use a rubber pair so the paint doesn’t leak through onto your hands.

      Overall I am happy with the result and would definitely recommend this product to a friend.

      Many thanks,

    38. Bertie M

      Everthing needed was included and after studying the instructions and info on the site all went well. Preparation is the key and the instructions took me through each stage step by step.

      Newly finished bath looked excellent and a great saving on a replacement also.

      Well done TubbyUK I will recommend your products.

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    Why Choose Tubby?

    • No Building in or Breaking Out

      With Tubby's DIY Kits there's no need to get the heavy tools out. Your bath, sink, shower, tray, or toilet can be easily resurfaced in situ with no fuss or mess.

    • No Re-Tiling or Plumbing.

      With the bath being resurfaced in-situ it means that you don't need to worry about retiling your bathroom or get involved in any fiddling plumbing.

    • No Mess.

      Tubby kits are provided with all you need to ensure that you can resurface your suite with out making a mess of your bathroom.

    • A World of Colour

      Tubby kits are very flexible when it comes to colours. We have a wide range of premixed colours and we can mix whatever colour you require.

    • Baths, Basins, Toilets and More.

      Tubby Kits can be used to resurface all of your bathroom suite, so you can make your bathroom as good as new. Check the coverage area of the kits to see what you'll need.

  • How does it work?

    Tubby Bath Resurfacing Kits come complete with everything you need to resurface your bath. Just follow the Tubby 6 Step Process and you’ll be relaxing in a new bath very soon.

    Step 1 – Clean

    As with most things, careful preparation helps achieve great results. Give the bath good clean with the included bath cleaner to make sure the surface is ready for sanding

    Step 1 - Clean


    Step 2 – Sand

    To ensure the resurfacing material has a good “key” give the entire bath a once over over with the sandpaper provided.



    Step 3 – Mask

    Now, to make sure you get a clean tidy finish round the edges and the fittings, use the masking tape provided to cover any bits that don’t need resurfacing.



    Step 4 – Brush

    Use the brush to paint round the edges and the fittings



    Step 5 – Roll

    Now it’s time to use the roller. Just like when you paint a wall, the paint roller provided makes easy work of applying the resurfacing material to the rest of the bath.



    Step 6 – Dry

    Now all that remains is to let it dry. After 24 hours of drying you’ll be able take relaxing dip in your newly resurfaced bath.


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