The rising trend for traditional bathroom design.

Whilst many people love sleek, glossy bathroom design there are an increasing number of people who love more traditional styles. The Edwardian bathroom is a much replicated style – think ornate baths and lots of curved angles.

If you’re hankering after an Edwardian style bathroom you’ll probably want to focus on the bath first and foremost. In a traditional style bathroom, the bath takes centre stage. If you’ve got the room get a freestanding bath and place it in the centre of your room for that wow factor. If you’re limited on space you don’t have to rule out a free standing bath – just be clever about its positioning, slotting it in close to a wall where possible. An important part of most freestanding baths are the feet. Traditional claw feet look great as do wooden feet. You may even find a tub style freestanding bath which doesn’t feature feet. Both styles work incredibly well. It’s worth nothing that antique style baths can cost a small fortune. Read our blog on how to find and restore an antique bath and you could save yourself a lot of money.

Once you’ve found (and restored) your perfect bath you’ll need to make sure the other fixtures match its antique style. A traditional pedestal style sink unit will work better than a vanity unit. And if you’re opting for a shower, choose an over the bath one to keep the room’s traditional feel. Gold plated taps and plugs work really well with this type of design.

Next, think about the colours you’re going to use. Luckily, both soft and bold tones work well so it’s really up to your own personal preference when it comes to picking the shades you want. A deep, dark purple can lend a really dramatic look or choose a statement wallpaper for a really eye catching design.

Finally, it’s time to choose the accessories which work well. Luckily, traditional bathrooms work well with some clutter so you don’t have to worry about keeping it too tidy – something most of us would appreciate! You can also give it a lived in look by adding family prints on the wall. Choose cherry oak storage units for a traditional feel and why not install a chunky traditional radiator rather than a heated towel rail for a really authentic feel?