Painting the outside of your bath

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your bathroom is to paint the outside of a freestanding bathtub in a feature colour.

You see it in all the home d├ęcor magazines; striking deep colours help to highlight the bath and create a happy modern look, while soft pastel colours create a warm, relaxing environment. By changing the outside colour of your bath you can not only change the look of your bathroom but can also use a colour that reflects your personality, style and taste, creating a truly unique environment to enjoy.

The best way to coat the outside of a bath is to do so when the bath is unplumbed, however do bear in mind that bathtubs can be extremely heavy so make sure you practice safe lifting techniques and have at least 1 or 2 strong people to help you.

Coating the outside of a metal-based bath: When recoating the outside of your bath it is important to assess the condition of the bath in order to determine where to start. If the bath has paint on the outside we would recommend removing the coating entirely, or sanding it back until all flakes etc. are removed. Please remember that cast iron baths do not have a smooth flat surface on the outside. This is due to the casting process and is one of the unique things that make a cast iron bath so special. This uneven surface is one of the reasons why traditionally the outside of baths have been painted in a low to mid sheen finish, as these types of finishes hide surface imperfections better than high gloss products.

At this stage it is advisable to coat the outside of the bath in a red oxide primer. This will prevent any rust forming over time and damaging the coating.

Once the red oxide primer has dried, it is time to decide on what finish and colour you would like to create your look. For a modern high gloss look our Tubby products cannot be beaten for quality, however as mentioned above, the high gloss nature will highlight any surface imperfections. For a more traditional look, choose a low to mid-sheen, high quality paint such as a solvent based eggshell; this would be your best bet, however a water-based eggshell will also work, provided it is waterproof. With water based paint it is even more important to apply the red oxide first.

Apply at least two coats using a high-density foam roller, which will help you get a consistent finish. Once your coating is dry, attached the feet and flip the bath back over again.

You will now start the Tubby process on the inside of the bath.