What Are The Benefits Of Bath Resurfacing?

SAVE MONEY! – The main benefit is cost. Resurfacing will very often save you around 60% on the cost of replacing your bathware. Of course you can easily swap your enamel bath for a modern low cost plastic bath but you will be losing an extremely sought after, high quality and desirable item for a far inferior and less valuable bath.

UNLOCK HIDDEN VALUE – Having a quality enamel (and if you are lucky enough Victorian style roll top) bath will add enormous value and attraction to the bathroom whether you intend to enjoy it yourself or if you are selling your home. Resurfacing will restore your bathware to its original glory and leave a brilliant, smooth and inviting finish to make the bath the centre of attention in any bathroom.

NO HASSLE – Resurfacing your bath with a Tubby DIY kit only takes about 3 hours to complete and no special skills are required. There’s no re-plumbing or re-tiling to worry about and the process makes almost no mess while you work. You can start enjoying your newly resurfaced bath after only 48 hours.