How much does bath resurfacing cost?

Having your bath resurfaced will always work out cheaper than replacing the bath entirely. When a bath is replaced, it requires plumbing work, building work and often redecoration of a large area, not to mention the potential damage to wall and floor tiles that might no longer be available. On top of this, there is also the disposal cost of the old bath to take into consideration and the actual cost of the new bath.

So, how much does it cost?

Well, simply put it will cost you the price of Bath Resurfacing Kit for enamel baths our kits start at £83, and for acrylic baths the kits start at £50-69, plus a couple of hours of your time. Added to the obvious cost saving benefits, the lack of disruption to the household makes resurfacing an extremely appealing option.

You can of course opt to have a professional resurface your bath for you; Professional bath resurfacing services cost in excess of £350, but as many happy customers have discovered the Tubby Kits make the process extremely easy and quick, whilst providing excellent results. For our professional resurfacing services please visit our professional site or contact us via email or by calling the office: CONTACT US

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