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Welcome to Tubby

Tubby helps you take care of your home improvement and repairs with easy to use DIY solutions. We are UK’s leading company offering a wide range of bath resurfacing and bath repair kits. With 30 years of experience, we have established our brand as one trusted by homeowners and hotels all across the UK. Here are a few key factors that have helped us keep a competitive edge for three decades.

  • Exclusive Solutions

    Unlike generic solutions available in the market, our kits are created for a specific purpose and surface. Our formulas have improved consistently over the years.

  • Economical Option

    Our resurfacing products and bath repair kits are cost-effective alternatives for costly repairs and renovations. You can save up to 80 percent.

  • Quick and Convenient

    Tubby will save you a lot of time and trouble that would be otherwise involved when working with a renovation team. Order online and we will courier directly to you with our next day delivery.


Tubby UK
Special Solutions for Specific Needs

We don’t give you generic solutions that claim to repair it all but deliver lousy results. We create solutions that target specific surfaces and problems to deliver immaculate results. Our three core solutions include:

Bath Repair Kits and Resurfacing Products

Resurface - Don't Replace

Remove the signs of ageing including chipping and cracks through a DIY bath repair kit that includes all the items along with instructions you need to resurface a standard bath.

Our bathroom resurfacing kit saves you the expense of bath replacement. It restores the beauty of your bath at a fraction of the cost.

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Shower Tray Repair Kits

Shower Some Magic

Replacing shower trays is an expensive option followed by a tricky procedure. That is where our repair kit comes in to save the day.

Our DIY shower tray repair kit helps you get rid of all the signs of ageing and damage without the need for re-tiling or replacement. No mess, no fuss!

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Bath Chip Repair Kits

Restore it's glory

Due to water exposure, a bath’s surface is prone to chipping that takes away its beauty. You can now conceal the unsightly chips yourself with our exclusive DIY chip repair solution. The kit comes complete with instruction manual and high-quality products to preserve the new look for five years guaranteed.

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