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Tubby Standard

4.54 out of 5
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uSuitable for enamel Baths

This product is suitable for all types of enamel surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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uSuitable for acrylic Baths

This product is suitable for all types of acrylic surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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uSuitable for ceramic Baths

This product is suitable for all types of ceramic surfaces.

If you're unsure what material your surface is made form then please feel free to get in touch either by email of phone and we'll make sure you get the right product.

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pCoverage Area

Tubby Standard will cover an area of 1700mm x 700mm x 400mm (l x w x h), this is the size of most standard baths.

If you are unsure about how much area you have to cover or have any queries please get in touch.

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From - £53.00

This is UK's top selling bath resurfacing kit! Resurface your enamel or acrylic bath yourself in six easy steps! Tubby kits contain everything you need to give your bath a new lease of life. No re-plumbing & no re-tiling, no mess, no fuss! Save £££s. We have a range of 48 colours and we can even mix a colour to match your suite.

Tubby Colour Guide

If your unsure what colour you need get in touch and we'll send you free samples so can be sure you get the right colour!


01 Blue

010 Pink

03 Green

08 Pink






Azure Blue

Bahama Beige

Bali Brown


Burmuda Blue





Elm Green

English Avocado





Indian Ivory



Kashmir Beige

Linden Green

M-A-B Yellow


Off White




Reef Gold




Signal Red

Sorrento Blue



Whisper Blue

Whisper Green

Whisper Grey

Whisper Pink

Clear selection

Extra Material

Need more material to cover a larger area?

from £6.95

Product Description

The Tubby Standard contains everything you need to fully resurface any bath.

It’s easy to resurface your bath and much less hassle than replacing it! No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, mess, no fuss – just a shiny new bath! A perfect solution for a great result on a small budget.

The Best Material on the Market…Do Your Whole Suite!

Tubby is a durable two-part epoxy-based coating specially formulated for use on porcelain, acrylic, cast-iron, fibreglass, pressed steel, cultured marble and ceramics so you can use it on baths, sinks, toilet exteriors, bidets and even tiles. Because of it’s special properties Tubby is undoubtedly one of the best bath-ware resurfacing and tile painting materials on the market. With Tubby DIY you can transform your entire bathroom suite for relatively little expense!

Our proven formula works on worn, discoloured or badly stained surfaces – saving you hundreds of pounds on the cost of replacement. If you really want to get creative you can use the kit to give washing machines, fridges, dryers or freezers a hygienic, ‘as new’ finish!

1 Kit = 1 Bath

The kit contains enough material to effectively cover a standard-sized bath with two coats, so one kit per bath is all you need. Contact us if you have a non-standard size bath and you would like some advice before you buy.

What do you get?

  • Coating
  • Hardener
  • Roller Handle
  • Roller Heads
  • 13mm Paintbrush
  • 10mm Masking Tape
  • Plastic Bags
  • Paint Tray
  • #120 Abrasive Paper
  • Paint Stirrer
  • Special Cleaning Powder
  • Cleaning Pad
  • Gloves
  • Dust Mask
  • Instruction Leaflet

See it in action

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13 reviews for Tubby Standard

  1. Tubby Standard
    5 out of 5


    This is the 3rd time that I have used Tubby. It is the best product available and so easy to apply and gives a great finish at the end. These have all been for clients of mine and all of them are overjoyed at the result. The last time I used it just last week was on a font in a Roman Catholic Church. The Father is overjoyed!!

  2. Tubby Standard
    Mike Halliwell
    4 out of 5


    Delivery was very quick, and the product instructions was easy to understand and even better results.
    I’ve never used anything like this, so I was unsure about if I should actually try it or not.

    As a result, I did try, and the ease of application and excellent finish is amazing. For me I was trying to match an old suite( Indian Ivory) by painting a white bath panel to match the suite.

    Needed to do this because panels in I.I. are rare, and now the colour is a perfect match.

  3. Tubby Standard
    L Williams
    5 out of 5


    Just re-enamelled my old cast iron bath using tubby DIY kit. Instructions were very clear and easy to follow. As for the result – WOW!!! It looks like a new bath. Would definitely recommend this product.

  4. Tubby Standard
    Gail T
    4 out of 5


    Thanks for quick delivery and great product. I followed the instructions and ended up with a shiney new bath, would recommend anyone to try these kits, No real skill needed just a bit of confidence to have a go.

  5. Tubby Standard
    Jeff B
    5 out of 5


    Hi Grant – just a note to say the job is complete and the results are super. My wife – who has hated the pink suite for years – now has a happy face.

    For the record may I say you score in all of the following areas.

    Great Product including all necessary items.
    Good pricing.
    Clear, accurate and easy to follow instructions.
    Excellent back up service and communication.
    Excellent finish.

    You may quote me if you wish.

    Many thanks.

  6. Tubby Standard
    Mark W
    5 out of 5



    I would like to say how happy I am with my new Tubby bath, My bath looks like new and it was very easy to do with step by step instructions, just look at the difference on the photos Brilliant!


  7. Tubby Standard
    4 out of 5



    I only got round to doing the bath a few months ago but I love it!!!! I dedicated a whole day so I could make sure I followed all the steps and could be thorough and I must admit it was about 5 hours but I did have a break in between coats. The finish is a bit dimpled but I am still very pleased, in face I actually like the texture.


  8. Tubby Standard
    5 out of 5


    We are very happy with the product, and we were surprised how well it worked, and how easy it was to use. Thanks to you our bath now looks like new! It covered a chip on the bath enamel excellently as well.


  9. Tubby Standard
    Sue G
    4 out of 5


    Excellent service delivery next day the bath paint worked wonders and very easy to follow instructions thank you

    Thank You

  10. Tubby Standard
    Owen M
    4 out of 5



    I have now complete doing the bath.

    The product work very well, the finish is very good ,better than i was expecting. The instruction were very clear and i am glad i watch the video as it showed how it should be done Your product arrive on time and i had no problems.

    The only thing i would say that would help with the product is if the first coat dried to a slightly darker colour as my colour was white and it made the second coat a bit hard to see when you are trying not to miss any bits.


  11. Tubby Standard
    John D
    5 out of 5


    Great job.

    Bath looks great just like new took taps waste overflow off made job much easier. Got a bit worried on second coat could have done with an egg cup full more in the tin but just managed it. Not a drop left over shall definitely use again.


  12. Tubby Standard
    Malcolm D
    4 out of 5


    Bath treatment was successful thank you, although I didn’t make quite as good a job as when I last did the bath, an old Victorian roll top, 15 years ago. Still, apart from a pimply bit, just where you sit, it looks like anew bath.

    Will order again in another 15 years!

  13. Tubby Standard
    Jean D
    5 out of 5


    Hello there,

    Bath review.

    Yes, I finally got round to doing the deed and I am really pleased with the results. There was a problem with the courier which delayed everything by a month and by then I had guests (B&B in Italy) so it had to wait until now.

    Grant at your end was very helpful with this unusual request to send the kit to Italy and chased the courier for me.

    The kit was everything it claimed to be and good value as my quote locally for the same job was 480 euros!!!

    Instructions and u tube video all fine and all quite easy.

    Thanks again.

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Why Choose Tubby?

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  • No Building in or Breaking Out

    With Tubby’s DIY Kits there’s no need to get the heavy tools out. Your bath, sink, shower, tray, or toilet can be easily resurfaced in situ with no fuss or mess.

  • No Re-Tiling or Plumbing.

    With the bath being resurfaced in-situ it means that you don’t need to worry about retiling your bathroom or get involved in any fiddling plumbing.

  • No Mess.

    Tubby kits are provided with all you need to ensure that you can resurface your suite with out making a mess of your bathroom.

  • A World of Colour

    Tubby kits are very flexible when it comes to colours. We have a wide range of premixed colours and we can mix whatever colour you require.

  • Baths, Basins, Toilets and More.

    Tubby Kits can be used to resurface all of your bathroom suite, so you can make your bathroom as good as new. Check the coverage area of the kits to see what you’ll need.

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How does it work?

Tubby Bath Resurfacing Kits come complete with everything you need to resurface your bath. Just follow the Tubby 6 Step Process and you’ll be relaxing in a new bath very soon.

Step 1 – Clean

As with most things, careful preparation helps achieve great results. Give the bath good clean with the included bath cleaner to make sure the surface is ready for sanding

Step 1 - Clean


Step 2 – Sand

To ensure the resurfacing material has a good “key” give the entire bath a once over over with the sandpaper provided.



Step 3 – Mask

Now, to make sure you get a clean tidy finish round the edges and the fittings, use the masking tape provided to cover any bits that don’t need resurfacing.



Step 4 – Brush

Use the brush to paint round the edges and the fittings



Step 5 – Roll

Now it’s time to use the roller. Just like when you paint a wall, the paint roller provided makes easy work of applying the resurfacing material to the rest of the bath.



Step 6 – Dry

Now all that remains is to let it dry. After 24 hours of drying you’ll be able take relaxing dip in your newly resurfaced bath.


Tubby Standard was last modified: February 18th, 2015 by nEIlDayTub