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Tubby Extra DIY Bath Paint Resurfacing Kit

TUBBY EXTRA - Our Top Selling Professional Kit

THE UK'S LEADING ENAMEL BATH RESURFACING PRODUCT - Only available from Tubby UK and now even better!

The TUBBY EXTRA Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice PLUS additional items to make the process even easier! No mess, no fuss - just a shiny new bath. Click for more info...

from £ + Delivery

Tubby Standard Enamel & Acrylic Bath Resurfacing Kit

TUBBY - Our Standard Kit


The TUBBY Do-It-Yourself Kit contains everything you need to resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice! No mess, no fuss - just a shiny new bath! A perfect solution when you're on a tight budget. Click for more info...

from £ + Delivery

Bath Resurfacing Kits - Repair Your Bath Enamel

Resurface Don't Replace! SAVE 60% No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, no mess, no fuss!

It's never been easier to get a new looking bath without breaking the bank - just use one of Tubby UK's bath resurfacing kits for a gleaming new finish to your enamel bath. Our choice of bath enamel repair kits makes the process of restoring your bath a quick and easy one, saving you hundreds of pounds on bath repair or replacement.

With Tubby UK's bath repairs kits you can choose the standard bath enamel repair kit or the Tubby Extra - packed with all the tools and treatments you need to get an exceptional finish every time. Our bath repairs kits include enough resurfacing material to coat a normal sized bath with two coats and contain all the instructions you need to get the best results when you undertake your own bath enamel repair.

No mess, no fuss and no need for re-plumbing or tiling - our bath resurfacing kits are used by professionals and novices alike. The simple six-step process takes you through cleaning and sanding to brushing and rolling, leaving a gleaming, smooth bath that looks as good as new. With the Tubby bath enamel repair formula you can change the colour of your bath, even your whole bathroom suite if you choose. It's safe to use our bath resurfacing kits on porcelain, acrylic, cast iron, pressed steel and even cultured marble and ceramics. This flexibility means it's never been easier (or cheaper!) to spruce up a tired and worn bath or change the look of your entire bathroom suite - even the tiles.

We've made our bath repairs kits simple to use and we give you all the help and advice you need before you start - click through to one of the videos on our site and you'll see just how easy it is to get a new look for your bath with our resurfacing kits.

With dozens of colours to choose from Tubby UK bath enamel repair kits give you the flexibility to transform your bathroom at a fraction of the cost of a new bath or suite.


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