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TUBBY ENAMEL REPAIR KIT - The Solution to those Unsightly Chips in the Bathroom or Kitchen!

TUBBY ENAMEL REPAIR KIT - The Solution to those Unsightly Chips in the Bathroom or Kitchen!

Our new and improved chip repair kit to solve the problem of small damage such as chips on an otherwise good enamel surface. Click for more info...

from £ + Delivery

TUBBY - Air Brush Kit

TUBBY - Air Brush Kit

The Tubby Airbrush Kit has been developed in response to the high demand from experienced DIY’ers looking for a challenge.

The kit contains everything you need to get that professional finish, and can be used on enamel, acrylic, ceramic and porcelain surfaces. Click for more info...

£ + Delivery

While enamel surfaces are extremely hardwearing, they're also susceptible to impact damage, especially chips caused by dropping heavy objects into your bath or sink. If you've chipped the surface, don't worry, repairing it can be a lot less expensive than you'd think. Our Tubby

Bath Enamel Repair Kit

is ideal for eliminating chips, dings and scratches, and with a little care you'll be able to achieve a bath chip repair that's almost indistinguishable from the surrounding enamel.

Our Bath Enamel Repair Kits incorporate a small amount of our bath resurfacing material and include enough to repair multiple chips, plus we enclose everything you need to repair your bath, bidet, basin, cistern or tiles, even home appliances too - such as fridges, freezers and even microwaves. A chip can soon give rise to the formation of rust, so it's important to undertake bath chip repair as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and unsightly staining from occurring, and we're always happy to discuss surface damage with you to advise on the course of action that will return the best results.

At Tubby we've made it incredibly easy to use our Bath Enamel Repair Kits, and you don't have to be a DIY fanatic to get the results you're looking for - just follow the enclosed instructions and you'll be amazed at just how straightforward we've made it. With six simple steps you'll go from preparation to final coating, and our repair material can be used on porcelain, acrylic, cast iron and pressed steel, as well as cultured marble and ceramics too.

We appreciate than even white baths can be different shades, so all our Bath Enamel Repair Kits come with a toner pack included that allows you to match our repair material to the true shade of your bath, sink or tiles - so order yours online now, or call to speak to one of our team and they'll be able to offer the advice and assistance you need to complete any bath chip repair.


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