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Tubby Standard | DIY Enamel Bath Resurfacing Kit


Our Standard Kit - Suitable for Both Enamel & Acrylic Bath Resurfacing.

Tubby Standard DIY Enamel Bath Paint Resurfacing Kit

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White Kit £ Inc. VAT
(other colours vary)

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The Tubby DIY Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice. Save hundreds of pounds - resurface your bathware, don't replace it. It's easy to resurface your bath and much less hassle! No re-plumbing, no re-tiling, mess, no fuss - just a shiny new bath! A perfect solution for a great result on a small budget.

The Best Material on the Market...Do Your Whole Suite!

Tubby is a durable two-part epoxy-based coating specially formulated for use on porcelain, acrylic, cast-iron, fibreglass, pressed steel, cultured marble and ceramics so you can use it on baths, sinks, toilet exteriors, bidets and even tiles. Because of it's special properties Tubby is undoubtedly one of the best bathware resurfacing and tile painting materials on the market. With Tubby DIY you can transform your entire bathroom suite for relatively little expense!

Our proven formula works on worn, discoloured or badly stained surfaces - saving you hundreds of pounds on the cost of replacement. If you really want to get creative you can use the kit to give washing machines, fridges, dryers or freezers a hygienic, 'as new' finish!

1 Kit = 1 Bath

The kit contains enough material to effectively cover a standard-sized bath with two coats, so one kit per bath is all you need. Contact us if you have a non-standard size bath and you would like some advice before you buy.

Enamel Bath Paint Resurfacing

Proven & Long Lasting...

Tubby has been stringently tested by the National Standards Authority SA for resilience, long term adhesion and safety. It will not crack on contact with very hot water, resists discolouration and is safe to use as it contains no caustic substances. The real test has been in homes, hotels and B&B's across the world and our material has been proven many thousands of times over since the 1980's. Its durability and finish are second to none so provided you carry out the correct preparation, Tubby will last for years to come.

The Kit Contains Everything You Need

The Tubby Extra Kit is exclusive to tubbyuk.com and includes a standard Tubby Enamel Bath Resurfacing Kit as well as our most popular selection of useful Tubby products:

  1. Coating
  2. Hardener
  3. Roller Handle
  4. Roller Heads
  5. 13mm Paintbrush
  6. 10mm Masking Tape
  7. Plastic Bags
  8. Paint Tray
  9. #120 Abrasive Paper
  10. Paint Stirrer
  11. Special Cleaning Powder
  12. Cleaning Pad
  13. Gloves
  14. Dust Mask
  15. Instruction Leaflet

Bath Resurfacing Made Simple! Just Watch The Movie...

So Simple - Anyone Can Do It In 6 Easy Steps

Whether you are a seasoned DIY expert or a complete novice, Tubby's user friendly, six stage approach will have you away within minutes...

Enamel Bath Resurfacing in 6 Easy Steps

Take a look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say.

Have finished the bath. It looks better than a new one, thanks. Sorry, but just one small comment, the roller leaves a slight stipple effect. I followed the instructions and didn't keep going over the same area to many times, once the paint was on I moved on. Round the edges and plughole where I brushed it on it is smooth. Makes me wonder whether I should have brushed the whole bath. Nevertheless, we are very please with it and glad we did it.

Thanks again

Brian K - 11/12/2013

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your bath paint product has done a great job in our house saving us a lot of money.

Great stuff ;)

Adrian C - 06/09/2013

Dear Mr or Mrs Tubby,

It took me three days to repair and paint my bath, it wasn't a job to take lightly, but reading the info that came with it "3 or 4 times", and then still gingerly following the info while doing the D.I.Y to the bath, I found the info plus D.I.Y to the bath (user friendly) and not so hard, it was me making things harder by worrying.

Following the info to the letter, was a must, and has it points out a couple of times makes the finished work better.

Thank you for your freely given help, and I will freely pass the tubby info on to others.

I now look forward to the polishing bit, "gulp" (which I've already ordered from you), but really I haven't got anything to worry about because your only a telephone away.


Mr J. Wilmott - 25/03/2013

Dear Grant,

Wow...... I now need sunglasses when I now go into the bathroom. I found the product simple to use & the result is amazing. Delivery was quick (considering how far it had to travel) & your website was most instructive. I would definitely highly recommend your product & will contact Tubbys' again should I decide to embark on another such project.


Helen B - 28/01/2013

Just a short note to say thanks for a great product. A product that lives up 100% to the billing. Bought the standard kit for a client with a cast iron bath 18 months ago for first time and followed the included instructions, which were very straightforward. I was not sure how good it was going to be, but the finish was like new and the client was delighted with the outcome. Apart from a screwdriver, everything I needed was in the box.

Renovating my own upstairs bathroom presently, everything is being replaced except the cast iron bath and have just ordered the professional kit after discussion with a knowledgeable fellow on the help desk. Main advantages will be a tool for my drill to make rubbing back the existing enamel a bit easier and a couple of little bottles to preserve a little of the paint and hardener should I ever need to do any maintenance in future.



Derek M - 27/11/2012

Sorry it took so long to reply to your message. I was very pleased with the speed of delivery and the product. Really happy with the result.I did the painting myself and the bath still looks good to-day. Well worth doing!

Many Thanks!

Mary W - 19/11/2012

First of all; Thank you so much for helping us restore our horrible looking bath and saving us a fortune. The bath looks like new now. The enamal was damaged because of hair dye. We tried bleaching and other chemicals. Nothing helped.

After doing up the bath-room including a new shower, and expensive sink unit, the bath was next. I was scared of applying 'Tubby bath', this was something I didn't want to mess up and have to live with for many years to come. I felt I'd already spent too much of my free time replacing the floor-boards and tiles. My wife did the resin treatment beautifully. Veronica is by far more methodical than I could ever be.

The down side to the treatment was the smell but it soon dispersed a few hours later. We did need a fan heater to keep a working temperature. Being October and no heating till the plumber arrives some time 2014.

We bought the full kit costing 60.00 about. Seemed rather alot. If it had been half the price we would use it on all the radiators and in the kitchen. I do wish we had photographed the bath before the job.

The service we got from you was very good and prompt. I don't trust using payments over the internet but with you I have had no problems. So hope this helps.

Sorry it has taken so long to reply.

Best Wishes

Brian - 29/10/2012


Just wanted to say that we have finally used the enamel repair kit, which I ordered last year. Your service is fantastic and it has done a superb repair on the bath. It really does look as good as new.

Thank you so much, I am delighted to have a new bath at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

Thanks again!

Julie W - 01/09/2012

Hi Grant,

My husband was busy at work and other projects when I decided to re-vamp the cast iron bath in the house we moved into. I must say I was very unsure about how good it would be, but even little old me managed to follow the precise instructions and did a wonderful job. The bath remains very white and glossy, even after several weeks of use and looks brand new!

I suggest people take their time and concentrate on the prep beforehand, like all diy jobs.

Delivery and service were also excellent even though we live in the Outer Hebrides!

Kind Regards,

Annie C - 17/05/2012

I was very impressed with the product. I am very experienced at diy so was not daunted by this task. In this case I needed to not only renovate a tired and damaged bath but also change it from a beige colour to white. It was clear that preparation was the key to using 'Tubby' and apart from one minor oversight I followed the instructions to the letter. I am very pleased with the result particularly as it saved me having to rip out the old bath and then completely re-tile the whole room.

Kind Regards,

MALCOLM D - 03/04/2012

Bath Resurfacing Before


You Get Much More Than Just an Award Winning Product...

We pride ourselves on our good old fashioned customer service so rest assured if you have any questions or you need further advice we will be more than happy to offer our expertise over the phone or by email. We welcome all enquiries and you can talk to a real expert not a machine!

Enamel Bath Paint Kit Fast Delivery

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