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Bath Repair Kits from Tubby UK

Why replace your bath when your old bath could be repaired, as good as new saving you hundreds of pounds. Whether you have an Enamel Bath or an Acrylic/Plastic Bath that needs resurfacing or unsightly chips that need repairing - we have a Tubby Kit for you.

No re-plumbing, no-retiling – Tubby kits makes bath repair quick and easy!

Enamel Bath Repair Kits.

Tubby EXTRA Enamel Bath Resurfacing Kit.

Only available from Tubby UK and now even better!

The TUBBY EXTRA Kit contains everything you need to fully resurface your enamel bath in the colour of your choice PLUS additional items to make the process even easier! No mess, no fuss - just a shiny new bath.

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from £ Inc. Vat

Tubby STANDARD Enamel Bath Resurfacing Kit.

Our original and best selling Kit is the No. 1 choice for resurfacing your Enamel bath. It comes complete with all you need and simple instructions. Gt your bath back to it's best now.

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from £ + Delivery

Tubby Enamel Chip Repair Kit.

A chipped Enamel Bath doesn't have to repalced. With Tubby's easy to use Enamel Bath Chip Repair Kit you can get your bath looking as good as new at a fraction of the cost.

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from £ Inc. Vat

Acrylic Bath Repair Kits.

Tubby Acrylic Bath Resurfacing Kit.

The original Arcylic Bath Resurfacing Kit from Tubby, avoid the cost and efort of completely replacing your bath. Suitable for any acrylic or plastic bath, this is the perfect solution for renovating your Acrylic Bath.

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from £ Inc. Vat

Tubby Bath Chip Repair Kit.

Tubby's Bath Chip Repair Kit comes with everything you need to repair those unsightly chips in your Acrylic Bath. Follow the simple instructions and in just a few easy steps you'll have your Acrylic or Plastic Bath looking as good as new.

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from £ Inc. Vat

With over thirty years of experience in bath resurfacing, we're happy to answer any questions you might have - give us a call now and we'll show you how easy and economical it can be to make your bathroom look like new!

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