Why Choose Tubby

At Tubby DIY Bathroom Solutions we know how expensive bathroom suites or appliances can be. Did you know that bath resurfacing with Tubby bath enamel repair can save you over 60% on the cost of replacing?

No re-plumbing, no-retiling – a bath repair kit makes bath resurfacing and bathroom renovation quick and easy!

Over time, your bath-ware and appliances become chipped and unsightly. Our bath enamel repair kit can make chipped or cracked enamel look as good as new again. Bath resurfacing will restore your bath-ware to its original glory and leave a brilliant, smooth and durable finish. Our bath repair kits come with everything you need to easily and economically match and repair surfaces on:

  • Baths
  • Basins
  • Shower Trays
  • Tiles
  • Cookers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washing Machines

Bath resurfacing is what we do, and we do it really well! Our kits are perfect for anything from enamel chip repair to fully resurfacing enamel or acrylic (plastic) bath-ware, and each bath repair kit will contain everything you need for bath enamel repair in your colour of choice. No mess, no fuss – just a shiny new bath at a fraction of the cost of replacement!

See our bath repair kit Reviews page for some of our customer testimonials that have been sent in over the years. At Tubby we’re justifiably proud of our reputation for quality bath enamel repair supplies. We stand by our promise that all bath repair kits will be shipped quickly and are easy to use. Simply follow our safe and secure online ordering process and you can have your Tubby bath repair kit or any of our products shipped direct to you quickly and easily.

With over thirty years of experience in bath resurfacing, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have – give us a call now and we’ll show you how easy and economical it can be to make your bathroom look like new!

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Bath Repair

Bath Repair Kits from Tubby UK

Why replace your bath when your old bath could be repaired, as good as new saving you hundreds of pounds. Whether you have an Enamel Bath, an Acrylic/Plastic Bath or a Ceramic Bath that needs resurfacing or unsightly we have a Tubby Kit for you.

No re-plumbing, no re-tiling – Tubby kits makes bath repair quick and easy!

Tubby Bath Resurfacing Kits are available in a range of colours to suit most bathroom suites, and with next day delivery you could be relaxing in your good as new bath very soon.

Shower Repair

Shower Repair Kits from Tubby UK

Tubby doesn’t just provide resurfacing kits for baths we also offer a special kit for resurfacing Shower Basins and Sinks. Available in the same range of colours as our bath kits the Tubby Shower/Sink Resurfacing Kit is the best way to breath new life into your bathroom suite.

No re-plumbing, no re-tiling – Tubby kits makes shower and sink resurfacing quick and easy!

Chip Repair

Enamel and Acrylic Chip Repair Kits from Tubby UK

If your enamel or acrylic bath doesn’t need a full resurface, but it does have some unsightly and uncomfortable chips then our Bath Chip Repair Kits are for you. We offer 3 different sizes so whether you have 1 chip or 10 chips we can help.